I am playful and very curious. I always look for new ideas, unusual perspectives and fresh inspiration. I respect tradition, but I like questioning the so-called „obvious“, because in my experience, it leads you to openness, new discoveries and it gives more space for creativity and freedom. This journey makes me happy.

My voice – especially when I’m improvising – is one of my unstoppable superpowers. My inner child is flying and dancing, when I sing. I have no fear of singing rough, false, lyrical, dark, wild, light, smiling, screaming or whispering and this is what I teach for my students with humor and acceptance.

I believe that everyone has the right to create art and feel the joy of this process, because all of us are authentic and good at something. There’s no one in this whole Universe like you…you are special and ordinary at the same time…

I celebrate the magical world of fantasy and story-telling with my singing.

I’m a big fan of the Homo Sapiens. I like connecting with people, I like learning and listening and I love working with creators from diverse artistic background. I see beauty everywhere – in all voices, bodies, emotions and personal histories and with my music and with my whole being, I honour this colourful humankind.

This is what I call „the Bogimagic“.